O Lord my God, I will give thanks to You forever. (Psalm 30:12)

Even though I was busy speaking about me and my work ( About Us), it’s never only me but the love, support and prayers of my dear family and cheerful friends that has helped me accomplish this. My husband supports and guides me in everything I do, with all his love. My toddler son gives the first review for each painting with his innocent, uncritical smile. And I feel so happy when I hear him say ‘Tidings of the Potter’ in the sweetest way he pronounces it.  We have come so far away from our family and relations, still the encouragement and support each of them have offered me with their love and prayers is incomparable.

Thank you dear Barbara, Lisa and Asha for showing interest in my work and for being my valuable first customers. You are really special to me!

I shall never forget Steph, for her constant love, care and encouragement.

I wish to say thank you to dear Bush family for the immense support and guidance you have offered all throughout. Also for trusting me with painting your Family flag!

Thank you Vivek for your encouragement and recurrent support with the technical stuffs.

All my facebook friends, who took the time to visit my page and help me record the first impression! Thanks a lot for your likes, comments, recommendations and love.

I thank all those wonderful people who helped me to accomplish Tidings of the potterand for being a memorable part of the journey.

Also, to the dear person who has taken the time and effort to read through this. Thank you!